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Faculty Information: Proposing a LLL Class

Thank you for your interest in teaching in the Wake Forest University Lifelong Learning Program. Through this program, we offer access to the rich and diverse academic resources of our University faculty to members of the community, without the pressure of papers, tests, or heavy reading loads. Our primary audience is mature, educated, and intellectually engaged, and they seek a broad variety of course topics that present opportunities for new insight and discussion.

Our courses are strictly for the enjoyment and enrichment of the students – there are no tests, no papers, and no required reading. However, this is a group that appreciates suggested reading lists and materials to enhance their experience.

Courses are expected to consist of a minimum of 12 contact hours, and meet once per week for 6 weeks. Courses are usually taught at the new MALS/Lifelong Learning space in the Brookstown Mill complex in downtown Winston-Salem. Classes are typically held between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm on weekdays. We welcome proposals of general academic topics: history, literature, science, philosophy, religion, current national & world events, politics, etc.

Class size varies from as few as 10 students to as many as 60. We reserve the option to cancel a class that has fewer than 15 registrants. We have over 400 members in the program, and typically offer three classes to run concurrently.

Please contact our office if you would like to discuss your ideas before submitting a proposal.

We are seeking proposals for the following terms:

2020 Spring: starting last January


Note: We work year-round to fill class slots, so the sooner you submit your ideas, the better!

 Please submit the following information in electronic format to the Lifelong Learning office:


  • Course title
  • Summary of the course content  (4-5 sentences).
  • Expected class time length (classes are typically scheduled for 2 to 2½ hours, with one break)
  • Anticipated classroom needs (room arrangement, access to technology and/or AV equipment, Wi-fi, writing surface for students, etc.)
  • Your first and second choices of terms
  • Your particular expertise and interest in the topic
  • Your CV (abbreviated version is fine)

Finally, please bear in mind that our participants eagerly take these classes for enjoyment and personal enrichment. Your proposed course is more likely to be chosen, and ultimately will be successful for this audience if you design it to be both fun and informative.

If you have questions, please contact  the Lifelong Learning office at (336-758-5232 or ).

Please keep in mind that submitting a proposal does not guarantee a teaching spot in the Lifelong Learning program. If we wish to consider your course for an upcoming term, you will be contacted.

Please submit the requested information electronically via e-mail or use the form below:

  • Contact Information

  • Class Information

  • (4-5 sentences)
  • Classes are typically scheduled for 2 to 2½ hours, with one break
  • Room arrangement, access to technology and/or AV equipment, Wi-fi, writing surface for students, etc.
  • Abbreviated version is fine
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.